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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Parents/Guardians:

One of our main goals with the academy is to educate the students on the wide array of post-secondary options available to them. While the focus of the academy is on transportation, science, and engineering, students will also have the opportunity to learn about other, non-related fields. Another main goal is to strengthen the leadership qualities within each student, so that he or she can return with a stronger sense of self, and a more focused vision for the future.

Your youth will be staying in a residence hall at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:

Abel Hall
860 N 17thth
Lincoln, NE 68508-0602

Academy leaders, teachers, and mentors will be staying on the same residence hall floor as youth participants. Teachers and mentors will be present on the floor at all times when youth are there. Teachers and mentors will also accompany students during all scheduled activities.

All expenses for this academy are covered. There is no expense to participants. Complete details will be provided.

There are a wide array of activities related to science, engineering, transportation, cultural appreciation, recreation, and much more. A full schedule will be available online soon.

The safety of your youth is top priority. For a full rundown of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Youth Activity Safety Policy please visit here