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Summer Institute

Information for K-12 Teachers

Year after year, the Summer Institute helps more teachers gain new knowledge, experience, and skills that translate directly to the classroom. In Part I, teacher participants in the Institute spend about four intensive days engaging in professional development activities on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. These include content presentations from engineering and education faculty and graduate student researchers, tours of labs and facilities, discussion time with peers, and time for lesson plan development. In Part II, teachers spend one or two days finalizing their lesson plans and practicing them with one another. Students then arrive to experience the learning activities the teachers have planned! Teachers are also expected to implement the lesson in their regular classroom in the fall.

Teachers from Lincoln Public Schools can earn professional growth points for participation in the Institute. There is no registration fee and participants receive a stipend upon completion of the program.

Lessons developed during the Summer Institute can be used in your classroom, too! To view and download the lessons that have been developed by other teachers, please visit:

Summer Institute Teacher Alumni

Name School Subject
Adam Skoda* Lincoln Northeast High School GeoScience
Amber Dorsey Lexington Middle School Science
Annemarie Thomas North Star High School Math
Barry Newman*† Culler Middle School Science
Benjamin Brachle*† Bryan High School Industrial Technology, Business
Bruce Hird Lexington Middle School Science
Carol Moore* Beveridge Magnet Middle School  

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* Indicates participation in multiple years
† Indicates participation as peer teacher or coach

Summer Institute Partners


Contact Info

Cynthia M Baker
Educational Programs Coordinator
2200 Vine Street, Suite 300
Lincoln, NE 68583-0851
(402) 472-6374

Lesson Plan Gallary

To view and download the free STEM lesson plans that have been developed by Summer Institute participants, for grades 6-12, please click here.