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Mid-America Transportation Center

Featured Student

Ying Huang

Ying Huang is pursuing a PhD in structural engineering with an emphasis in monitoring at Missouri University of Science and Technology. Huang is a highly accomplished researcher, with two articles published in peer-reviewed journals, a number of conference papers and two patents. Much of her work focuses on sensors and monitoring devices to improve the safety of transportation structures. She is currently at work on three major research endeavors, including a MATC-funded pilot study of rugged fiber optic brillouin sensors for large-strain measurements. For this project, Huang is investigating the ruggedness characterization of various coated optical fibers for implementation in sensors.

Huang is also participating in another MATC project, an initial study and verification of a distributed fiber optic corrosion monitoring system for transportation structures. She is working on development of an iron-epoxy coated corrosion sensor and testing the sensor system on steel rebar and reinforced concrete structures. Huang's colleagues and advisors describe her as a passionate and dedicated researcher who has made essential contributions to successful projects, while always taking the time to assist others.

MATC's Featured Students are comprised of graduate and undergraduate students that have shown exemplary conduct within the field of transportation research and management.
Featured Student