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Mid-America Transportation Center


Sponsorship Application
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    1. Mid-America Transportation Center
      Sponsor Application for 2019 Summer Intern Program

    2. Contact Information

    3. Location of Internship

    4. Position Length of Interest *

    5. The MATC Intern Program will take place in the summer only. If you are looking to fill longer internships, please indicate that below. Long-term needs and preferences of sponsors and students are taken into consideration during the matching process. Any continuation of an internship will be done outside of the program and offered at the discretion of the sponsor.
    6. Summer only
      Summer and part time in spring
      Summer and part time spring and fall
      Summer and part time spring and/or fall and future employment after college
    7. Preferred Computer Skills

    8. Required Communication Skills

    9. Public Speaking
      Technical Report Writing
      Occasional Interactive Teamwork 
    10. Desired Level of Self Direction

    11. Moderate
      (able to perform tasks with little instruction or feedback, moderate level of help finding work assignments)
      (able to perform tasks with little instruction or feedback, finds work when required)
    12. Areas Intern May Be Assigned To *

    13. Roadway Design Plan Quantity Checks
      Computer Aided Drafting Project Cost Updates
      Traffic Engineering Field Inspection
      Traffic Monitoring Materials Inspection
      Drainage Design & Studies Surveying
      Parking Design & Studies Intelligent Transportation Systems
      Pavements Bridges
      Roadside Safety Design
    14. Additional Information *