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MATC Funds Lincoln University Distribution and Logistics Course

by Aaron Mack

Lincoln University

LU students attending an in-class session during the distribution and logistics course.

With MATC funding and support, students at Lincoln University were provided a rare opportunity to attend an accelerated intersession course on physical distribution and logistics.

Professors Ty Westergaard (MATC Associate Director) and James Logan of LU’s Department of Business and Economics taught the four-week course, which covered topics ranging from the history and future of logistics to the distribution channels of big name companies like Wal-Mart and Apple.

“The goal was for students to learn about the distribution of products and raw materials from a business point of view,” said Westergaard. “We analyzed the costs, advantages and disadvantages of different forms of transportation from an efficiency-based and economic perspective. This course offered a somewhat different perspective on the field of transportation than would an engineering-based course.”

As part of exploring past, present and future trends in logistics and distribution, students were assigned to select from a list of titles such as “The History and Development of UPS Plus Forecast for the Future;” “Apple’s Supply Chain;” and “Oil and Coal Pipeline Transportation—History, Present, Future" for an end-of-session paper and presentation.

“The presentations were just outstanding,” said Logan. “We were fortunate because we had 20 very gifted students on our first time out, and the amount of research and thought that went into their presentations was really impressive."

Logan said the course was a unique opportunity for students of transportation or business.

“You’re taking a class that most students don’t take because it just isn’t available. I think the course can definitely offer a competitive advantage for students in the job market,” he said.

LU, a Historically Black University (HBU) located in Jefferson City, Missouri, is a member of the MATC Region VII consortium. MATC is slated to fund the course again in the summer of 2013, when it will be offered online to 20 students throughout Region VII.

Professors Westergaard and Logan said they wished to thank MATC for providing funding for the course, and expressed their gratitude to Ms. Kathy Pabst, Director of Continuing Education at Lincoln University, for the administrative support that made the course possible.