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Mid-America Transportation Center

University of Iowa

The University of Iowa (UI) brings a number of important research groups to the MATC consortium. UI's Public Policy Center (PPC) was formed in 1987 to facilitate interdisciplinary academic research on public policy issues. Research teams at PPC address a number of important policy areas including transportation, health care, human factors and vehicle safety, economic development, social equity, and environmental quality. UI is also home to the National Advanced Driving Simulator–the most advanced driving simulator in the world. Developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), it is used to conduct research that will ultimately reduce the loss of lives and property on the nation's roadways. In fact, research at UI is focused on improving the safety of roadways in a variety of ways: by understanding the safety climate of commercial operations, improving the safety bridge crossings, and mitigating accident severity by reducing the potential for freight-related explosions.

Educational programming at UI has included coordinating a research symposium that is open to undergraduate and graduate students. Speakers are composed of industry professionals, from the public and private sectors, and topics of discussion have included the future of the transportation industry. Additionally, UI faculty added two courses, “Public Transit Operations” and “Planning and Freight Transportation Planning,” to expand the transportation offerings for students.