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Mid-America Transportation Center

University of Kansas

The University of Kansas (KU) fosters cross-disciplinary research in emerging transportation issues that have broad significance. KU is home to the Kansas University Transportation Center, which conducts, coordinates, and promotes transportation research, training, and technology transfer. Campus researchers and graduate students participate in research across related disciplines with colleagues from other universities and public transportation entities. One example of such collaboration is the successful KU intern program, which merges public and private sectors in an intensive education experience. By planning and implementing a summer intern program in conjunction with the Kansas Department of Transportation, MATC faculty members at KU have placed an important emphasis on the professionalism, marketability and career knowledge of undergraduate students.

Faculty researchers at the University of Kansas conduct research on a variety of transportation topics, such as (1) new component and system technologies that advance vehicular and transportation systems; (2) the development of a new generation of vehicles, with improved energy efficiencies and lowered pollutant emissions, increased safety and durability; (3) the planning and development of new tools to design, model, and analyze components, transportation systems and environmental impacts; and (4) the provision of advanced-technology educational research experiences through undergraduate and graduate programs, interaction with industrial partners, and outreach activities to state and regional groups.