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Mid-America Transportation Center

Missouri University of Science and Technology

The Department of Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T, formerly University of Missouri-Rolla) has a broad-based program with seven emphasis areas, including structures, geotechnical engineering, construction, materials, transportation, environmental engineering, and hydraulics. The MS&T research activities related to infrastructural engineering and intelligent systems are coordinated by several research centers. The umbrella organization, the Center forInfrastructure Engineering Studies (CIES), plays a significant role in the execution of initiatives within transportation infrastructure areas.

The primary research areas developed over the years include advanced materials and their application for existing structure rehabilitations, load test bridge assessment, non-destructive evaluation, and the monitoring of technologies for civil infrastructure. MS&T has developed research infrastructures for several of the proposed research theme topics, including a three-story structures testing laboratory that allows for the testing of full-scale structural members and systems, a structural health monitoring laboratory, a material testing laboratory, a non-destructive testing laboratory, and a network simulation laboratory.

In addition to research capabilities, MS&T has a strong education outreach program with ongoing K-12 programs–including involvement in local elementary education events and secondary school visits–and a well-developed undergraduate intern program with the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).