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Mid-America Transportation Center


Faculty Directory:

The university faculty of each consortium are the cornerstones of our organization. Our renowned faculty are committed to achieving the highest quality of innovative research and demonstrate a commitment to their students as well by engaging in a multitude of educational initiatives.

Office of the Director:

The MATC Director is responsible for planning, executing, and reporting the approved activities of the UTC. Assisted by a Program Coordinator, the Director is responsible for all activities conducted by the Center.

Associate Directors:

The Director of the Center is also assisted by the Associate Directors -- one from each consortium member. These Associate Directors are each responsible for administering that portion of MATC's activities in their charge.

Advisory Board:

In addition to our various directors, the MATC Advisory Board involves a group of individuals that aid in the planning and oversight of the Center. The board consists of both public and private sector members.

Research Directors:

The research directors are essential in helping to select the most relevant, promising and practical research projects for Region VII. A state agency research director from each state assists in providing guidance on MATC's research endeavors.

Education Administrators:

Along with research and tech transfer, education is the other cornerstone of MATC's mission and educational programming is guided by MATC's educational administrators. They lead efforts to develop new educational efforts and continually strength core elements of MATC's educational programming.

Student of the Year:

While all of our students are of the highest caliber, each year the top graduate students are selected based on their accomplishments and go on to represent MATC at the Council of University Transportation Center's annual banquet

Business Staff:

At MATC's headquarters, the staff of the Nebraska Transportation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln provides various support services to ensure that MATC's operations run smoothly.