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Dr. Hojong Baik

Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering
Missouri University of Science & Technology
134 Butler-Carlton Hall
Rolla, MO 65409
Phone: 573-341-4693
Fax: 573-341-4729

2008 Forecasting Model for Automobile, Commercial Airline, and Air Taxi Demand in the United States
published in Transportation Research Board
2008 A Framework for the Nationwide Multimodal Transportation Demand Analysis
published in MATC Final Report
2007 Neural Network Approach for Modal Split Problem
published in Artificial Neural Networks in Engineering (ANNIE) Conference
2007 Model to Estimate Origin-Transfer-Destination Route Flows and Origin-Destination Segment Flows across Continental United States.
published in Transportation Research Record
2007 Large-Scale Transportation Analysis System Model to Predict County-to-County Demand.
published in Transportation Research Record
2006 Development of an Airport Choice Model for General Aviation Operations
published in Transportation Research Record 1951, TRB
2006 Nationwide Impacts of Very Light Jet Traffic in the Future New Generation Air Transportation System (NGATS)
published in American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Aviation Technology, Integration and Operations (ATIO) Conference

Crash Analysis in MoDOT I-64 Project
A Framework for the Nationwide Multimode Transportation Demand Analysis