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Mr. Rodney Montney

Engineer of Research
801 N 11th Street
Seneca, KS 66538
Phone: 785-296-7410


  • Rodney Montney is the engineer of research for the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). In this position, he directs the agency's research activities and 25 staff members. He serves as chairman of KDOT's Research Technical Committee and secretary of its Research Program Council. Mr. Montney is a member of the AASHTO Standing Committee on Research (SCOR) and the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee (RAC). He is also the Kansas DOT Transportation Research Board (TRB) representative. Mr. Montney serves on advisory committees for the University of Nebraska Mid-America Transportation Center and the Kansas State University Transportation Center.

    Mr. Montney has a BS in mining engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Kansas. He has worked for KDOT for 25 years. Prior to being appointed engineer of research, his experience has primarily been in construction, materials tests, pavement design, and concrete.