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Mid-America Transportation Center


MATC is constantly making fundamental advancements in basic and theoretical research related to improving the safety of and minimizing the risk to the U.S. surface transportation system. Appropriate transportation agencies use these findings to enhance accessibility and mobility for all components of modern transportation systems.

MATC's research portfolio specifically seeks to:

  1. Foster linkages among all modes of the transportation system.
  2. Improve the livability of rural and urban environments.
  3. Develop a systems-based approach for quantifying infrastructure, financial, and operating risks that can be utilized by all transportation agencies.
  4. Increase the overall safety of the surface transportation system users.

Research Database:

Review our database of current research projects. Find out information of projects already in progress, their funding, their purpose, and much much more. If you have some spare time, enjoy looking at the results and findings of past projects as well!

Student Research

Take a look at research currently being performed by undergraduate and graduate students, exploring vital transportation research opportunities.

Final Reports & Tech Briefs

Here you can view a list of projects that have been completed by MATC's researchers.

Submit Proposals

Are you a faculty member that is working with MATC? Submit your project proposals through our Research Proposal Submission System!


Here, MATC faculty can download helpful templates for MATC research, education, and tech transfer project final reporting.