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Mid-America Transportation Center

Development of an Automated Bridge Inspection Methodology using Digital Image Correlation - Phase I


University of Kansas

Principal Investigator
William Collins
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Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided
USDOT: $84,129
Additional Funding: $87,293
Total Project Cost
$ 171,422
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End Date
Brief Description of Research Project
An experimental study will be undertaken in which a series of steel compact specimens (C(T)) and steel bridge girder components will be tested in the KU Structural Engineering Laboratory. Specimens will be loaded cyclically to introduce and propagate fatigue cracks, and a digital image correlation (DIC) will be used to develop capabilities for detecting and monitoring fatigue cracking. The limits of the DIC system will be examined with respect to crack orientation (in-plane and out-of-plane), crack size (length and opening), and system proximity and orientation to the specimen. These results will be used to determine thresholds of applicability for use in automated bridge inspection. Examination of DIC output with respect to crack initiation and propagation will be used to develop an automated crack identification methodology. This research program is anticipated to lead to implementation of DIC for automated bridge inspections as part of robotic bridge inspection systems in future projects related to automated crack inspection.
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  • Autonomous
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