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Mid-America Transportation Center

Virtual Barriers for Mitigating and Preventing Run-off-Road Crashes – Phase I


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Principal Investigator
Cody Stolle
PI Contact Information
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided
USDOT: $127,613
MwRSF Pooled Fund: $275,477
Total Project Cost
$ 403,090
Agency ID or Contract Number
Start Date
End Date
Brief Description of Research Project
Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communication will be used to broadcast a roadway geometry, the vehicle’s position on the roadway, and information about the vehicle’s orientation and trajectory with respect to the roadway. Information will be supplied to onboard sensor and vehicle dynamics prediction algorithms to estimate future vehicle trajectory, and supply warnings to drivers if the vehicle begins to drift off of the roadway or is traveling too fast for an upcoming roadway curve. This form describes year 1 of a 5-year project. Research products at the end of year 1 are expected to be a thorough literature review of vehicle safety sensors and processing techniques, path prediction algorithms, V2I communications, and preliminary investigations of challenging applications for safety (split-mu braking tests).
Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation
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Modal Orientation
  • Autonomous
  • Barriers
  • Safety and Human Performance
  • Systems