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Mid-America Transportation Center

Protecting Critical Civil Infrastructure Against Impact from Commercial Vehicles - Phase I


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Principal Investigator
Daniel Linzell
PI Contact Information
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided
USDOT: $60,953
MwRSF Pooled Fund: $60,953
Total Project Cost
$ 121,906
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Start Date
End Date
Brief Description of Research Project
Bridge pier columns are critical load carrying elements and are often positioned in a fashion where it is neither possible nor economically feasible to place protective devices around them. Recent research indicates that standard AASHTO design impact loads are non-conservative for heavy vehicles and high speeds. Pier columns could be under-designed for commercial vehicle impacts and additional events that could occur, such as blast. This project will work to develop criterion that improve bridge pier column resiliency in the event of an impact that is combined an additional event.
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  • Bridges
  • Structures