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Mid-America Transportation Center

Performance of Earthquake-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Bridges with Repaired Columns


Missouri University of Science & Technology

Principal Investigator
Lesley Sneed
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Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided
USDOT: $37,500
MS&T: $37,500
Total Project Cost
$ 75,000
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Brief Description of Research Project
Seismic repair of reinforced concrete (RC) bridge columns has been studied extensively during the past several decades; however, few studies have been conducted on the influence of the column repair (member level) on the post-repair performance of bridge structures (system level). The objective of this project is to determine a method to evaluate the seismic performance of bridges with columns that have been repaired due to previous earthquake damage. Numerical simulations will be used to determine how repaired column members effect the system-level response of the bridge structure in subsequent earthquakes.
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  • Bridges
  • Natural Disasters
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