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Mid-America Transportation Center

Performance of Earthquake-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Bridges with Repaired Columns - Phase II


Missouri University of Science & Technology

Principal Investigator
Lesley Sneed
PI Contact Information
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided
USDOT: $37,500
MoDOT: $37,500
Total Project Cost
$ 75,000
Agency ID or Contract Number
Start Date
End Date
Potential Benefits
An appropriate balance (combination) of retrofit and repair can result in a bridge that is serviceable shortly after an earthquake occurs while reducing initial costs and uncertainties.
Brief Description of Research Project
This is Phase II of a project that will evaluate the seismic performance of bridges with columns that have been repaired due to previous earthquake damage. This phase of the project seeks to develop a framework to optimize the levels of (pre-earthquake) retrofit and (post-earthquake) rapid repair needed to maintain the serviceability of a bridge after an earthquake occurs. Numerical simulation will be used to determine how different methods and levels of retrofit and repair of the column member effect the system-level response of the bridge structure.
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Impacts/Benefits of Implementation
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