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Mid-America Transportation Center

Performance Reliability and Safety Index for Region VII Highways


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Principal Investigator
Ernest Tufuor
PI Contact Information
Funding Source(s) and Amounts Provided
USDOT: $154,298
NDOT: $137,399
Total Project Cost
$ 291,697
Agency ID or Contract Number
Start Date
End Date
Research Objective
The project will assess the dependability and sustainability of existing data collection systems for analyzing reliability performance. It will also evaluate the required potential performance reliability metrics including the requirement of the FAST Act and MAP-21 Act.
Potential Benefits
Provides a more efficient use of resources to gives a better understanding of Region VII state DOTs operations in real-time or “near” real-time and give insights into the effects of different planning/operation decisions.
Brief Description of Research Project
This project will assess existing travel database and develop an index that can be used to identify how the highway system is performing in real-time. This will allow for forecasting system performance in the future.
Describe Implementation of Research Outcomes
Impacts/Benefits of Implementation
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