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Mid-America Transportation Center

Investigation of Factors Associated with Truck Crash Severity in Nebraska

Final Report
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University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Transportation Systems Engineering


  • Principal Investigator: Aemal Khattak ( 402-472-8126)
  • Graduate Students
  • Zheng Luo
  • Project Status
  • Start Date: 3/10/2008
  • End Date: 8/31/2010
  • Sponsors & Partners
  • Mid-America Transportation Center
  • About this Project
    Research Objective
    The two objectives of this proposed research are: 1) to investigate and quantify the relationship between skid resistance of a highway and the reported crashes on that highway, and 2) to investigate and quantify the relationship between skid resistance and the most severe occupant injury reported in a crash.
    Potential Benefits
    The information resulting from the project can be used in judging an optimal skid resistance from a safety standpoint and in developing a systems-based approach to when skid resistance of pavements is improved.
    The research will investigate and establish relationships between skid resistance of highways and reported crashes as well as skid resitance and crash injury severity.
    Total Project Cost
    $ 60,505
    Modal Orientation
  • Highways
  • Safety and Human Performance