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Mid-America Transportation Center

NDOR Evaluation of the Potential for Using Video from Roadway Monitoring Cameras to Supplement Traffic Data Collection


Nebraska Department of Roads

University of Nebraska-Lincoln


  • Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Jones ( (402) 554-3869)
  • Project Status
    In Progress
  • Start Date: 7/1/2009
  • End Date: 6/30/2011
  • Sponsors & Partners
  • Nebraska Department of Roads
  • About this Project
    The Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) has recently installed many roadway monitoring cameras throughout the state. Much of the time these cameras are stationary and focused on a segment of roadway like cameras used in traffic video detection systems. Traffic video detection has become a mature detection technology that can be used to collect traffic data such as volumes, speeds and limited vehicle classifications. Several traffic video detection systems no longer require specialized cameras for video detection and are now able to use most any high quality camera as an input to the video detection process. Additionally, pan/tilt/zoom systems have significantly improved so that they return very accurately and precisely to preset camera view. Thus if a camera view is moved from its standard or default view, it can be precisely turned to this position. All of this combined provides the potential for using traffic monitoring cameras as traffic data collectors to supplement existing traffic data counts and other traffic data collection The objective of this research is to assess the feasibility of using NDOR’s roadway monitoring camera as additional traffic data collection devices. The existing test bed on I-80 near Harrison would be one potential test location for this research. The ability of existing camera to be used with a video detection system would be assessed. The ability of the existing pan/tilt/zoom systems would be assessed for their ability to return to the camera view used by video detection for traffic data collection. The percentage of time the camera are in a stationary mode focused on a specific section of roadway would be assessed. The accuracy of traffic data collected by the roadway cameras connected to a video detection system would be assessed. All of this would provide an evaluation of how well the roadway monitoring camera could serve as traffic data collectors. Lastly, the cost of using roadway monitoring camera as traffic data collectors would be estimated
    Total Project Cost
    $ 62,211
    Modal Orientation
  • Highways
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems