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Mid-America Transportation Center

NDOR Pavement Quality Indicators

Final Report
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University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska Department of Roads


  • Principal Investigator: Wayne Jensen ( (402)472-3738)
  • Project Status
  • Start Date: 7/1/2003
  • End Date: 6/30/2010
  • Sponsors & Partners
  • Nebraska Department of Roads
  • About this Project
    Several innovative pavement technologies have been introduced into the Nebraska road system by Nebraska Department of Roads (NDOR) during the past decade. These include retrofitting of dowel bars into pavement joints, continuous "daylighting" of granular sub-base material, lime and fly ash modified subgrades, longitudinal tining, PCC overlays for asphalt concrete, crumb rubber overlays and many others. No studies have been undertaken to determine if these new technologies produce pavements that are in any way superior to the preceding technologies. The proposed research will evaluate a specified number of pavement sections where innovative technologies have been used and compare these sections to nearby conventional pavement sections. Analysis will include annual maintenance cost(s), cracking indices, faulting indices, international roughness indices, decibel measurements, faulting, shoulder rating, spalling at joints and other selected pavement quality criteria.
    Total Project Cost
    $ 96,380