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Mid-America Transportation Center

University of Missouri Technology Transfer

Final Report
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  • Principal Investigator: Charles Nemmers ( (573) 882-0071)
  • Project Status
  • Start Date: 9/1/2012
  • End Date: 12/31/2013
  • About this Project
    Brief Project Description & Background
    Providing the technology transfer associated with our MATC research program including: suport for a Transportation Librarian, outreach to k-12 students, implementing electronic classroom seminars, research product webinars, technology transfer support for PIs, et. Also central to thiss initiative is the mentoring of (principaly graduate)students and funding travel to TRB and related conferences.
    Research Objective
    Provide the research projects, students and faculty assistance with the implementation aspects of research projects. We provide a multi faceted approach the key being putting a structured emphasis on implementation.
    Potential Benefits
    We like to say that the final product is not a research report but a new specification or a new process or implementing the software. This project collects many of the parts that focus on implementation of the research.
    MU Technology Transfer Initiatives: MU has assembled broad Technology Transfer effort to complement our transportation research program and to address the MATC initiatives reflected in its proposal. These program activities continue to be student centered. Key elements of the Technology Transfer program include: 1) Strengthening the MU and MoDOT working partnership which has been formed to support a Transportation Librarian to collect, manage and distribute transportation technical research oriented materials to serve the transportation community with current, accurate and reliable information. 2) Assistance to the PIs on several MU/MATC/MoDOT research programs with the development of training packages and technology transfer activities. 3) Coordination with the other MATC universities to leverage /promote the technologies flowing from the MATC research, including the promotion and participation in the MATC webinars program and the MATC newsletter. 4) Support the development and implementation of the weekly MATC Spring Transportation Seminar Series during the spring 2014 semester. 5) Leadership in the promotion of initiatives that extend the transportation and engineering education opportunities to K – 12 students. 6) Assistance to students in supporting attendance and presentations at local, regional and national research forums focusing on transportation research, including attendance at the TRB Conference 7) Participation with the MATC leadership team in the development and implementation of the region wide research and technology transfer program along with the associated the administrative support and documentation  
    Total Project Cost
    $ 20,501