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Mid-America Transportation Center

Summer Institute

Science and math teachers have a pressing need for training in the use of instructional materials that engage students and facilitate learning for complex concepts and principles in the core academic content areas of math and science. Students seldom recognize real life applications of math and science concepts taught in the classroom.

Indy cars with SAFER barrier

Advances in technology allow previously static math and science facts and formulas to come alive through computer simulation. Multimedia demonstrations of race car crashes, for example, have already been developed and could serve as instructional support in the classroom for math and science concepts such as speed, acceleration, momentum, and impact. Students in K-12 could benefit greatly from instruction supported by such computer demonstrations of real life examples. However, teachers currently do not have routine access to multimedia tools used to support math and science concepts.

And that’s where we want to help.

Our long-term goal is to increase student performance in core academic content areas of math and science as measured by the state standards in math and science (Nebraska State Department of Education, 2000) through the use of multimedia tools applied in core curriculum content areas, particularly math, science, and social studies.

The immediate goal is to enhance teacher competencies in delivering science and math instruction to middle and high school students in two “high need” local educational agencies and to improve teachers’ knowledge and application of technology through our Summer Institute.

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I am a Parent (or Guardian) interested in having my child attend

We are currently accepting student applications for the 2022 Summer Institute.

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We are currently accepting teacher applications for the 2011 Summer Institute

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The Teacher Resource Center is available to all teachers who have been a part of the program.

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For more information or questions, please contact Laviania Thandayithabani or Gina Kunz.

Support for this project is provided, in part, by the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education and the U.S. Department of Transportation.