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Mid-America Transportation Center

Technology Transfer

Broadly defined, the overall goal of our technology transfer program is to bring state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies that are related to our theme to practicing transportation professionals in Region VII and the nation. Both educational and research program activities form part of our overall technology transfer initiative. Every research project includes at least one element of tech transfer, which might include published journal papers, lectures, presentations, and other methods of disseminating results to other professionals and practitioners. Our researchers and lecturers are closely networked into the regional and national transportation communities. These relationships further facilitate the flow of information between MATC and the transportation industry.

Certificates and Programs:

MATC supports professional development of the transportation workforce by offering unique, practical programs that provide training and information in specialized areas. MATC helps support transportation certificate programs that make it easy for busy professionals to broadening their knowledge in the field and help advance their careers.


To help expand students' awareness of the transportation industry's different modes and components, MATC facilitates tours at a variety of transportation facilities, from private local manufacturing companies to national freight carriers. In addition, groups can learn more about MATC's transportation research by scheduling a tour at our headquarters or with one of our consortium partners if you are interested in a particular facility.

Conferences and Webinars:

MATC sponsors state and regional conferences that facilitate the dissemination of research results to peers across the public, private, and academic sectors, while allowing faculty and students to learn about the latest research being developed and implemented widely.


Transfer of knowledge from public and private industry professionals to students is essential to producing well-rounded future members of the workforce. MATC seminars bring guest speakers from local, state, and national institutions and organizations to discuss current issues in the transportation field, share expertise, and bring awareness about transportation career opportunities. See this page for past seminars and upcoming speakers.


Disseminating the results of our research for implementation and awareness via our webpage is one important aspect of our tech transfer efforts. Public and private industry professionals, university researchers, students, and the public can all access a comprehensive record of research final reports via this page.

For more concise information about a project, you can also view our project technical briefs via this page.


Coming soon: a repository of presentations on a wide variety of MATC research projects and topics.