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2020 NCIA/MATC Sovereign Native Youth STEM Leadership Academy - Application Form

Deadline: Friday, May 1, 2020

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In order to accommodate the needs of our participants and make necessary preparations in advance, the following information must be provided. The information provided in response to the three prompts below will not be considered in the evaluation of applicants.

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Participation in the program requires moderate exercise, such as daily walking to and from activity sites. We welcome applicants of all abilities, so please indicate below if accommodations are needed to participate. *
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We would like to pair you with a mentor who is pursuing a degree in a field that is of interest to you. Please select the category that you are most interested in pursuing.*
STEM (e.g., science, technology, engineering, math)
Arts (e.g., visual, multi-media, music, dance, theater, etc.)
Social Sciences (e.g., psychology, economics, sociology, Native American Studies, etc.)
Humanities (e.g., languages, classics, creative writing, etc.)
Business and Finance
Other (please specify below)
We are looking for Native youth who represent each of the categories below. Which area best describes you?*
Already an established leader
Becoming a leader (have had some experiences)
Could be a leader (shows interest but needs skill and opportunity)

Note:If you are facing any technical difficulties with this application, please contact Utkarsh Hardia