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Lesson Overview

Lesson Title:
RFID Triangulation

Mr. Stuart Lenz (Primary)

Brief Description:
Students will work with equations and graphing of lines. Concepts of slopes, slope-intercept form, degrees, coordinates are all covered. This is designed for Advanced Algebra. But, it could also work for Algebra 1 and Geometry as well.

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Curriculum Framework Components Addressed:
Sales and Service
Transportation Operations
Transportation Systems/ Infrastructure Planning, Management and Regulation
Warehousing and Distribution Center Operations
Suggested Grade Levels:
9th Grade
10th Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade

Standards Taught:
8.3.1 Math 2006
8.4.1 Math 2006
12.3.1 Math 2006
8.4.5 Math 2006
8.5.2 Math 2006
8.6.1 Math 2006
8.6.2 Math 2006
12.4.3 Math 2006
12.4.4 Math 2006
12.4.6 Math 2006
12.5.2 Math 2006
12.6.1 Math 2006
12.6.2 Math 2006
12.6.3 Math 2006

Lesson Information

Learning Expectations:

  • Use slope-intercept form

  • Graph linear equation

    • Graph line from equation

    • Derive equation from line

  • Rotation of lines

  • Find intersection point of two lines

Plan Of Action:

  • Give students warm-up worksheet

    • Review slope-intercept form

  • Discuss RFID technology and the concept of triangulation

    • Show Powerpoint presentation

  • In-class activtiy

    • Find a hidden object using degree coordinates and a compass

  • In-class worksheet

    • Lincoln and USA maps

Data Set Used:

Used Google Maps and GeoGebra

Materials Needed:

  • Computer and LCD projector for Powerpoint

  • Warm-up Worksheet

  • In-class Worksheet

  • Protractors

  • Rulers

  • Yarn

  • Compass (N,S,E,W)

  • Object to hide for in-class activity

Preparation Period:

You will need to hide an object in the classroom before the class arrives. Once you have hidden the object, you need to find the coordinates of the object. You will be giving those coordinates to the students during the in-class activity.

Implementation Period:

First semester of Advanced Algebra when reviewing and discussing linear equations.
2 days (can be done in 1 day, but would be rushed)

Science, Math, Engineering and / or Technology Implications:

This lesson mixes geometry and algebra concepts.  It reviews lines, rotations, degrees, coordinates, and graphing.  This is really what engineers have to do in their everyday job. 

Considerations for Diversity in Education:

Could use maps of different countries or cities, depending on the students in the class.

Kinesthetic learners are allowed to work with their hands

Visual leaners have maps to use

Lesson Files

Warm-up Worksheet
Warm-up Worksheet/Activities
[size: 29696] [date uploaded: Jul 15, 2008, 3:39 pm ]

In-class Lesson Worksheet
Worksheet to be done in-class as a support to the lesson.
[size: 6251520] [date uploaded: Jul 15, 2008, 3:45 pm ]

RFID Powerpoint
Powerpoint used to describe RFID technology.
[size: 168960] [date uploaded: Aug 11, 2008, 4:15 pm ]

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