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Mid-America Transportation Center

Advisory Board

Mr. Dean Carlson
Former Executive Director of FHWA, Former Kansas Secretary of Transportation and Member of the National Academy of Engineering

Mr. Abbas Mohaddes
Chief Executive Officer
The Mohaddes Group

Mr. Daniel Murray
Vice President

Mr. David Sehrt
Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

Mr. Robert VanderClute
Senior Vice President Safety and Operations

Ms. Monique Evans
Director, Office of Safety Research and Development

Mr. Tony Glenn
Education Specialist, Skilled and Technical Sciences Career Field

Mr. Joseph Werning
Nebraska Division Administrator

Dr. Judy Perkins
Regents Professor

Mr. Michael Malone
Vice President, Heartland Region

Mr. Josh Schmidt
General Manager

Mr. Chip Duden
Vice President, Business Analytics

Mr. Jerry Wachtel

Mr. Dwight Clark
General Director Engineering Technology

Ms. Kelly Gilbert
Clean Cities Director, Metropolitan Energy Center, US DoE Clean Cities Commission

Mr. Fred Zwonechek
Nebraska Highway Safety Administrator

Mr. Tim Aschoff
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Geoff Maus
Vice President of Engineering

Ms. Vanessa Goetz
Operations Research Engineer

Mr. Rodney Montney
Engineer of Research

Mr. Bill Stone
Research Administrator

Mr. Mick Syslo
Materials & Research Engineer

Mr. Mike Herre
President & CEO

Greg Youell
Executive Director