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Mid-America Transportation Center

Track Inspection Planning and Risk Measurement Analysis

Final Report
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  • Principal Investigator: Dincer Konur ( (573) 341-7256)
  • Project Status
  • Start Date: 7/1/2013
  • End Date: 2/28/2015
  • About this Project
    Brief Project Description & Background
    This research project will develop analytical models for track inspection planning and track risk measurement for the Missouri railroad network. Optimization based decision making tools will be provided to identify track divisions for inspection so that a safety risk measurement for tracks can be determined as accurately as possible with the resources available for track inspection.
    Research Objective
    Missouri has 4,400 miles of main track, and inspection planning and risk calculation for tracks is crucial for railroad transportation in Missouri. This project aims at improving track inspections and accurately determining track safety risks so that maintenance activities can be implemented considering these risks.
    Potential Benefits
    This project will deliver a track inspection planning guide which will be based on mathematical formulation of the track inspection planning problem. This project will also provide a detailed analysis of safety risk calculation of the tracks. In particular, based on the inspection data, track safety risks should be calculated as accurately as possible. This is very crucial for track maintenance activities, and therefore, for railroad safety.
    This research project develops analytical models for integrated track inspection and risk analysis within the Missouri railroad network, with a specific focus on Class I operations. Optimization based decision making tools will support the development of integrated track inspection and risk analysis planning models. The project team has expertise in modeling, optimization and risk analysis, and, application of these disciplines in transportation and transportation safety (especially railroad asset management and utilization, CAPEX, and safety). Through this research, an integrated track inspection and risk analysis planning model will be developed and validated, taking into account all factors impacting track inspection and risk analysis planning (including operational issues such as routing and scheduling impacts of inspection and maintenance).
    Total Project Cost
    $ $29,608