Connected Vehicles: Public-Private Policy, Collaboration, and Data Exchange

Ms. Amanda Hamm and Mr. Fahad Shuja

July 8, 2020

Presentation Topic

Ms. Hamm discusses Virginia's experience with connected vehicle technologies, including examples of Virginia's current and planned connected vehicle technology efforts and Virginia's participation in the Connected Vehicle Pooled Fund Society. She also highlights some of the issues connected vehicle research is trying to address today. Finally, Ms. Hamm describes some of the bigger challenges facing future connected vehicle technology research and deployment.

Mr. Shuja focuses on sharing progress on the "Windsor-Ottawa Preferred Corridor" project, where over 30 Ontario municipalities have collectively identified over 3,000 miles (5,000+ lane kilometers), with the intention to work closely with the industry for safe testing of Connected Vehicles (CVs) and Autonomous Vehicles (AVs). This webinar also showcases the online mapping tool being used by the participating municipalities, which is quickly becoming a center for various road-related, mission-critical data, which will be tremendously beneficial to safe and seamless navigation of CVs/AVs in Ontario. Finally the webinar also shares steps OGRA is taking to try and ensure seamless flow of municipal, road-related data among all jurisdictions in Ontario - being done through our brand new initiative supporting the "Ontario Road Information Exchange" (ORIE).

About the Speakers

Ms. Amanda Hamm works for the Virginia Department of Transportation’s (VDOT) Office of Strategic Innovation as VDOT’s Connected and Automated Vehicle Program Manager. As CAV Program Manager, Ms. Hamm works on coordinating VDOT’s CAV efforts, facilitating communications between VDOT and CAV stakeholders, supporting CAV efforts in Virginia, and engaging in regional and national CAV discussions and research efforts. Ms. Hamm previously worked for Virginia’s Department of Motor Vehicles’ Legislative Services Division as a subject matter expert in connected and automated vehicles, vehicle insurance, legal presence, and licensing/identification. Ms. Hamm received her bachelor’s degree from George Washington University and her J.D. from William and Mary Law School.

Mr. Fahad Shuja is a Civil Engineer by trade. He started his engineering career in 2005 in the consulting world, working on various road infrastructure, transportation, and transit projects. He joined the Ontario Good Roads Association in 2011 where he has been working on a variety of projects, supporting municipalities across Ontario. He is also O.G.R.A.’s lead on the Autonomous Vehicles file, and has helped establish the Municipal Alliance for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in Ontario (MACAVO).